Who runs our world? The Common Good

As we begin our second inquiry area, we explored the call to all Catholics to participate in the Common Good.  This is one of the pillars of Catholic Social Teaching (which we also had to find out about).

The Common Good focuses on family, community and participation and forms the foundation of our new inquiry into understanding the role of the government & democracy (broadly and then very locally).

On Friday we started a discussion about the RULES, LAWS and CUSTOMS that are part of our daily living.  We firstly defined each.  For example:

Custom: A tradition that people follow in a particular society. For example: Giving Easter eggs.

We then brainstormed examples under the three terms.  We had a few questions about if something was a rule or actually a law.  How could we find out?  How many laws are there in Australia? I wonder if anyone can answer those questions or give us some advice about how we might find our for ourselves?

You may like to further this discussion at home.

Can you create a column chart listing rules, laws and customs that you follow in your daily living? Rules, laws, customs

I’d loved to see the list you generate with the help of mum or dad…

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