Handy Holiday Tips

Over the holidays it is really important that the Year Four students continue to read (and sometimes out loud to an audience would be even better).  I would love to see some completed Reading Challenges.

Other things that could be done:

  • Quick writes – set the timer and see how much you can write
  • Begin to practice joining handwriting
  • Write a short narrative – find an interesting picture as a prompt and remember the main elements needed
  • Practice all the addition and subtraction strategies we focused on (the YouTube clips are shared in your Maths folder on your drive to refresh your memory
  • Practice working out elapsed times
  • Grab a supermarket catalogue and practice adding items and making change from $5, $10, $20
  • If you have a piggy bank or a coin jar, practice counting money and making the same total using different sets of coins.
  • Collect seeds for your Seed Writing Book
  • Get a head start on learning your time table facts…
  • Be kind!

Reading Strategies: Visualisation

We really enjoyed the book “Sahara Special” and it generated some really rich discussion.  Throughout each chapter we practiced predicting, summarising, inferring and visualising – all things that great readers do.   Once we had finished the book, we re-read pages that described Miss Pointy, a teacher from somewhere else and took what we visualized and turned it into an illustration.  The students created portraits of Miss Pointy – they could be abstract or Miss Pointy-ish.  I loved how they turned out…

Check them out on our classroom sliding door on the day of our Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences.

You may also like to check out this website: http://www.planetesme.com/saharaspecial.html