Happy Easter to all the 4MC families.

What is Easter really all about? The Easter bunny & chocolate eggs? They are symbolic of the empty tomb & new life.  Easter is about so much more for us as Catholics…


Wurundjeri Inspired Art

On Friday, the Year Four level worked together to create our Totem pole for 2017.  Each student added a light ray to the totem representing that this year we aim to shine brightly together.  Whilst this was happening, we also discovered a little bit about the Wurundjeri tribe.  Last year the teachers went on a walk along the Yarra River and learnt a little bit more about the traditional land owners of this part of Australia.  Next time you are in the city, you may like to walk along Birrarung Marr and see the indigenous art installations for yourself.  Photos that I took on this day were the inspiration for some art of our own…



The Year Twos Shine at the school performance

It is hard to believe that after so many weeks of learning, preparations & dance rehearsals, the 2016 School Performance is over.  We were so proud of the Year Two students.  Throughout Term Three they did some fantastic learning about Science, which we were then able to share in our act “Dare to Fail and to Succeed”.  All the students were focused and cooperative during the performance practices.  They helped us to come up with the moves for our four songs.  They listened to instructions, took on advice and encouraged each other.  Our actors were very well prepared and delivered their lines so clearly.  On both nights the students were excellent audience members during the first half before performing with enthusiasm and pizzaz! We could not be more proud of them… We dared to succeed and we certainly did…

“What features make a GREAT procedural text?”

We have continued to investigate “What features make a GREAT procedural text?”  We have been focusing on understanding that to be able to write a great procedure, we have to think about “How can we explain an idea clearly & compellingly.”  Being clear is really important and making it interesting for the audience is too! The sequence of the steps is also super important.

We watched a Mister Maker clip about making an Elephant Peg Holder.  We used this video to practice writing our own procedure.  I loved reading each one and could see evidence of students being clear and compelling, correctly using imperative verbs and even people using brackets (to add extra information).

We also had a lot of fun making our own as we revised our writing:

IMG_2290 IMG_2291 IMG_2292





You might like to write a procedure for this easy craft activity:

Happy Mother’s Day 2016

I would like to wish all the 2MS mums (and that includes mine :)) a very happy day today.  We have been talking about all the things that we love about our mums.  The list was endless…

Everyday we are grateful for all that you do for us and all that you are for us!


How to be respectful when going to an art exhibition:

1. Walk around the art displays, slowly and quietly.

2. Keep your hands off the art.

3. Take your time to look at each piece.

4. Give compliments about what is great – keep negative comments to yourself.

5. Think about what you like and you might get some ideas about art pieces to try and make at home.

What was one of your favourite art pieces and why?

Fraction Artwork

We have explored fractions of an object by creating some artworks.  This was inspired by a book called “Picture Pie” by Ed Emberley.  As you look at the artworks can you work out how many fractional pieces were used?  What happens if you have more pieces then the denominator, such as five  halves or six quarters?  I wonder how many whole circles you used to make your design?

I wonder if this would work with squares that have been divided into halves, quarters and eighths?  I would love to see some square fraction artworks 🙂