Building knowledge towards ACTION

We are in the finding out and sorting out phase of our Inquiry.  We have been exploring our skills in design and creating; finding out about plants; and sorting out the important take home messages from the designers that we will be able to apply to our learning.

As part of our finding out we had a skills workshop rotation.  Miss C helped us think about sketching what we can see and clearly labelling our pictures. Ms W helped us improve our painting technique.  With Miss M we watched a clip of Mr Squiggle and practiced using our imagination to think of ideas.

Thinking of ideas and then making them a  reality is a challenge in design.  Mrs Mc set us a challenge to create an artwork using craft materials.  This was another chance for us to work through a design process.  Mrs Mc was watching to see what steps of the design process we used, everyone’s fine motor skills and the skills that some people are still finding tricky.

This is what we created:

Click to play this Smilebox slideshow