Leadership Homework

Students are bringing home a Leadership Homework sheet.  The discussion generated at home, to complete the tasks will support our Inquiry sessions in Week 7.  The sheet, being sent home, states that there is a minimum of three questions to be answered.   Responses need to be detailed, thoughtful and descriptive.

Completed work needs to be returned by Monday the 29th of May and students need to be ready to share their homework with classmates during the week.

We look forward to seeing what the students produce.



Who runs our world? The Common Good

As we begin our second inquiry area, we explored the call to all Catholics to participate in the Common Good.  This is one of the pillars of Catholic Social Teaching (which we also had to find out about).

The Common Good focuses on family, community and participation and forms the foundation of our new inquiry into understanding the role of the government & democracy (broadly and then very locally).

On Friday we started a discussion about the RULES, LAWS and CUSTOMS that are part of our daily living.  We firstly defined each.  For example:

Custom: A tradition that people follow in a particular society. For example: Giving Easter eggs.

We then brainstormed examples under the three terms.  We had a few questions about if something was a rule or actually a law.  How could we find out?  How many laws are there in Australia? I wonder if anyone can answer those questions or give us some advice about how we might find our for ourselves?

You may like to further this discussion at home.

Can you create a column chart listing rules, laws and customs that you follow in your daily living? Rules, laws, customs

I’d loved to see the list you generate with the help of mum or dad…

Happy Easter to all the 4MC families.

What is Easter really all about? The Easter bunny & chocolate eggs? They are symbolic of the empty tomb & new life.  Easter is about so much more for us as Catholics…


Wurundjeri Inspired Art

On Friday, the Year Four level worked together to create our Totem pole for 2017.  Each student added a light ray to the totem representing that this year we aim to shine brightly together.  Whilst this was happening, we also discovered a little bit about the Wurundjeri tribe.  Last year the teachers went on a walk along the Yarra River and learnt a little bit more about the traditional land owners of this part of Australia.  Next time you are in the city, you may like to walk along Birrarung Marr and see the indigenous art installations for yourself.  Photos that I took on this day were the inspiration for some art of our own…



Being a digital citizen

This week we are focusing on learning the serious responsibility of being a digital citizen.  Today we explore what it means to leave a positive digital footprint and agreed on what we want to avoid.  Before being able to work on Chromebooks during learning time, it is important that we fully understand being a positive digital citizen.  This would be a great discussion to continue at home…

Dare to Celebrate Us! A Festival of learning

As part of our Civics & Citizenship Inquiry, the students in 2MS selected a tradition from a  culture different from their own to research.  As a team, they had to answer three big questions about the tradition/celebration. Once the research had been done, an information stall was created.  Each stall had to work together to create a brochure, fast facts and a gift.  We then invited our families to a festival morning to share our discoveries.  Through this inquiry learning we came to understand that whilst there are differences in our backgrounds, there are many similarities between us too.  We also realised that no matter what your background, all people love to share food and celebrate together.  I know we sure do in 2MS too!

Well Done to all the expert research teams.  It was a great morning…

Term Four Update

Whilst things have been a bit quiet here on the blog, the same cannot be said for the happenings in 2MS.  We have prepared and celebrated our First Reconciliation.  We have participated in a six week swimming safety program.  We have learnt about the two types of division (partition & quotition); explored fractions; discovered things about maps and used chance language.  We have written fable innovations and even an original fable each.  We also have written some amazingly convincing persuasive texts and our Daily Five reading is through the roof! (Also ask your child about “The Garden of Empress Cassia). Inquiry learning has been like a tour around the world, discovering and sharing things about our family heritage and cultural backgrounds.  This very interesting learning culminated on Friday with a cultural festival day as we “Dared to celebrate us” and did we ever!  No wonder we are all tired, with just one week left together as a class.  It will be a great week too!  The fun and learning never stops!

Week Ten has seen all the students in 2MS really shine and we have been so impressed with their team work and learning.  We are two very  very proud teachers…


Dare to Fail and to Succeed Performance

We are getting very excited about the school performance.  Today we have worked on three of our main songs and made some great choreography.  My arms are a bit sore from all the big dance moves.

We have one last song to make moves to: Try everything (from Zootopia)

Have a listen and a watch and see if you can come up with some easy moves…

Rio 2016

downloadThis week we have an Olympic theme to our Daily Five activities.  It has already been an exciting start to the 2016 games. I wonder what sports you are looking forward to watching?

You might like to keep track of the medal count: http://rio2016.olympics.com.au/medal-tally 

Pick a day and complete this challenge:

If Gold=3 points, Silver=2 points, Bronze =1 point…

How many points do the top 5 teams have?

Explain how you worked it out.

Our Inquiry unit this term has been called “Dare to fail and to succeed.”  I wonder if this applies to the athletes participating in the Olympic games? What can we learn from the athletes about having a growth mindset?