Handy Holiday Tips

Over the holidays it is really important that the Year Four students continue to read (and sometimes out loud to an audience would be even better).  I would love to see some completed Reading Challenges.

Other things that could be done:

  • Quick writes – set the timer and see how much you can write
  • Begin to practice joining handwriting
  • Write a short narrative – find an interesting picture as a prompt and remember the main elements needed
  • Practice all the addition and subtraction strategies we focused on (the YouTube clips are shared in your Maths folder on your drive to refresh your memory
  • Practice working out elapsed times
  • Grab a supermarket catalogue and practice adding items and making change from $5, $10, $20
  • If you have a piggy bank or a coin jar, practice counting money and making the same total using different sets of coins.
  • Collect seeds for your Seed Writing Book
  • Get a head start on learning your time table facts…
  • Be kind!

Words that describe us

We asked parents to give us 5 words to describe their child.  Each list was typed into a word cloud (http://www.abcya.com/word_clouds.htm) and this is what was generated…

The bigger the word, the more often is was used.  It looks like 4MC is a grade of helpful, kind, thoughtful, caring and happy students!  How lucky are we…

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017.  It’s a new year… new grade level and a new bunch of switched on learners coming your way. I cannot wait to share with you all the new stuff that will be happening in our Grade Four classroom this year.

Here is your first look at the members of 4MC for 2017.  Their future’s so bright that they need to wear shades…

Thank you

We made it to the end of 2017 and to the end of year of learning in Grade Two.  Over the last week there have been so many kind words of appreciation and acknowledgement, spoken and written (and generous gifts).  All of them are treasured.  In an ever changing world, the work of teaching is changing too.  But what has stayed the same is the connections that you make in the 12 months you spend together.  This year there have been 27 families, 28 students and 2 teachers who have worked in partnership in 2MS!  It has been my honour to be one of those teachers.  I wish all the 2MS families a safe and happy Christmas holiday.  Rest, read, relax, have fun and be grateful.  I know that’s what I will be doing.  Merry Christmas & I look forward to seeing you around next year.

Love Miss Morse

Welcome to Term Four

We have returned to the start of a very busy Term Four.  The Year Two level have a lot of great things to look forward to including celebrating their First Reconciliation and starting our water safety program.

Thank you to all the mums and dads who came to the Reconciliation Faith Night and families who attended the commitment Masses.  Hopefully at home in the coming weeks you can spend time together as a family talking about the Sacrament of Reconciliation – what is the difference between the different times we say sorry? what are examples of SINS? how do you ask for forgiveness? how do we show forgiveness? You might even like to ask mum and dad if they can remember their First Reconciliation.

This Friday we will have a special day focused completely on learning and thinking more about Reconciliation.

In Week One we had a big revision of all things about numbers.  We may have forgotten a few things.  At home it would be good to keep practicing writing 3 and 4 digit numbers, especially ones with zeros in them (like 2045, 560, 4902, etc).  Can you teach mum and dad about these symbols: <, > and = ?  Someone could write some numbers on slips of paper and time how quickly you can order them.  We also practiced adding and subtracting numbers on an empty number line.  You could keep doing some of these at home.  Any practice you do, bring in to show Mrs Sorockyj or me.

Aslo remember to keep up your nightly reading and filling in your reading journal.  It will not be long before you are in Grade Three and having to be responsible for a diary.  Having you Reading Journal handed in is good practice at being an independent learner!

Week 7, Term Three

Despite having to fit in plenty of practices for the upcoming school performance, we have still been busy doing lots of learning.  It was another great week in 2MS as we continue to make improved choices about the way we learn & work together.  This week we focused on the learning asset SELF MONITORING.  This way of thinking about how we learn will keep us on track & focused… (which allows us to do our best learning & have fun).

It was also great to have many mums and dads drop in on Thursday afternoon to our classroom.  They got to see how well we work in Daily Five groups.  You can be doing Read to Someone & Word Work practice at home too.

A great day in 2MS

On Friday the 5th of August, Levi took charge of the class camera as his dojo winners prize.  He was set the challenge to catch 2MS learners doing great things.  He took so many photos that the battery on the camera went flat.

Thanks Levi, you did a great job capturing so many awesome learning moments.

Grandparents Day

Tuesday the 26th of July was the feast of St Ann & Joachim, Jesus’ grandparents.  Our school had a special Mass to celebrate & bless all our grandparents.  The classrooms were then opened for grandparents to come and have a visit.  In our room Nimerta was the class photographer (her Dojo winners prize) and she took some great snaps…

Thanks to all the grandparents who spent some time visiting us.  It was a happy day 🙂