Semester One is done

I can not believe that half the year has already gone.  I have come across a few extra photos of some of the great times we have already had learning & growing together..

Looking forward to the next Semester ūüôā

Slipper Day

The weather is chilly but the toes in 2MS were toasty warm on Friday. ¬†After a little bit of re-negotiation, Emma chose to pick a Dojo Reward that we could all share in: “Slipper Day”. I wonder if you can match the slippers to the classmate…

I hope someone else picks this reward. ¬†As someone said, “It felt like my feet have been on clouds.” ūüôā

Term Two Update

It has been a bit quiet here on the blog.  This time of the year is very busy for teachers.  The learning does not stop and 2MS have also been very busy.

Over the last month we have explored reading and writing Descriptions. ¬†Everyone is now using a lot more ADJECTIVES, ADVERBS and PRONOUNS in their writing. ¬†Can explain these words to mum or dad?¬† Next in writing we will be focusing on PROCEDURES and then EXPLANATIONS…

In Maths our focus has been on subtraction. ¬†Can you teach mum and dad to use a number line to solve subtraction equations? ¬†What is your favourite strategy that you have practiced or learnt for the first time? ¬†Next in Maths we will be exploring 2D and 3D shapes…

We have come to the end of our Geography Inquiry and have made a pledge of some actions we will continue to take. ¬†2MS are not going to drop rubbish or walk past rubbish around our school. ¬†After listening to Jim from the Banyule council we discovered that litter can cause big problems for the local natural environment. ¬†We want to be part of the solution, not the problem! ¬†Did you tell mum & dad about Jim’s visit? We are now embarking on a Science Inquiry which is very exciting…

We have continued to have our Wednesday Footstep lessons.  We have been talking about things like being a leader not bossy, a buddy not a bully, making friendship with people who have differences and also ways to manage our emotions.  We really look forward to our SEL lessons with 1L each week.

Henry has had many different helpers to look after him.  There have been many students working hard to improve and focus on their handwriting which has been great.

As we come to the end of Term Two, it is important that we keep doing our Reading homework and are also working on improving our spelling at home.

Here is a little snapshot of us in action:

SEL lesson: Jealousy

Each Wednesday this term, 2Ms and 1L are joining up for an SEL lesson (Social & Emotional learning). Today we talked about feeling jealous. It is ok to feel jealous and everyone at some time will have this feeling.  We can sometimes feel very jealous, a little jealous or perhaps not jealous at all (depending on the situation).  When we feel jealous, a good strategy to try and use is to remember to be GRATEFUL.

Being grateful is about thinking about other things you have or do that make you lucky and it is about being THANKFUL.

Turn your jealous feeling into a grateful feeling.  Also it is good to be happy for others when something good happens to them or they get something special.  If we are a good friend to someone we can be happy for them and not need to be the same.

What are you grateful for?


Henry the Handwriting Hero

I would like to introduce you to a new classmate:¬†FullSizeRenderHis name is Henry and he is on the lookout for a weekly handwriting hero to take care of him. ¬†Each week we will be on the search for a hard working handwriter who will get to have Henry hang out with them and earn themselves a pacer pencil ūüôā ¬†To be the handwriting hero of the week, you will need to show that your are trying to make your written presentation the best you can – writing on the lines, consistent sizing, starting and exiting correctly. ¬†He loves fantastic presentation and also when he can see improvement.

Henry is very excited to make some new friends in 2MS in Term Two.

Open Classroom 2016

Thanks to all the parents (and brothers & sisters & grandmas) who dropped in to visit our classroom on Thursday. ¬†It was lovely to meet you all and to see how proud the new students in 2MS were to show off their new tidy tubs and “Out of this World” artwork.

We asked each family to complete a little getting to know you sheet. ¬†I really enjoyed reading these and finding out the different things students are interested in and the goals that your parents think are important as you start Year Two. ¬†Mums and Dads were also asked to write five words to describe their child. ¬†I typed these words into a¬†Wordcloud generator ( ¬†The bigger the word the more times it was written down….


It is great to know that we have so many students who are friendly, happy, kind, funny, and helpful. It is also good to know that a lot of us are sensitive.  Year Two is an important year to really build resilience and learn strategies that will help us handle situations that might feel a bit tricky.

Welcome to 2MS in 2016

Mrs Sorockyj and myself would like to welcome our new grade to the Switched onto Learning blog. ¬†Throughout the year this will be the place to visit to keep up-to-date with what is happening in our classroom and to get ideas & information about the way we learn in Year Two. ¬†There will be questions to discuss at home and we look forward to everyone sending through some comments. ¬†We are very excited to start this year of learning and working together…

What things about Grade Two are you excited about?

Walk Humbly With God

The end of the school year of 2015 has arrived. ¬†It has been an amazing year of learning and growing. ¬†At the end of each year, I love looking back and thinking about the learning that has happened. ¬† This year I am super proud of the students who have worked so hard in 2MS. ¬†It has been a gift to be your teacher and this is now my gift to you…


Have a safe and happy Christmas. May God’s blessing be with your families and remember to come and say hello next year ūüôā
Love Miss M

Term Four Update

They say time flies when you are having fun. ¬†We must have been having a lot of fun because this term is very quickly disappearing! ¬†We have been busy working on History Research Projects using Google Slides on the Google Drive. ¬†We have had some great team building sessions including two sessions of Coach Approach and an AFL rotation for our feast day. ¬†We’ve had our level Mass, been to an Advent Liturgy of the Word, celebrated the Feast of St Mary and have discovered the three gifts that the wisemen gave to baby Jesus. ¬†We finished up with fractions and have been practicing our maths problem solving skills. ¬†We’ve written persuasive texts and been doing lots of free choice writing. ¬†I has been a busy end of term and a great way to finish what has been an amazing year of learning. ¬†Mrs S and myself are so proud of the great learning that has happened in 2MS this year…

Coach Approach:

AFL Feast Fun…

Hello from Barcelona

Hello 2MS. I am in sunny Barcelona. Which country does that mean I am in? image

I have also been in London¬†& Budapest. There is so much history to learn about and so many amazing buildings to see. My neck is hurting from looking up all the time ūüôā

What have you all been up to? Has my postcard arrived yet? Have you heard from Kobe?