The Victorian Curriculum states that Year Four students need to be able to model, represent and order numbers to tens of thousands.  For the last two weeks this has been the focus of our Maths lessons.

We have had some great sessions using interactives to help consolidate and extend our understanding of place value.  We have focused on understanding that each digit in a number holds a place and has value:

We have also been practicing writing numbers in three forms:

Some students are finding it tricky to remember that at times zero has a very important job at holding a place despite having no value.(Zero as a place holder-1b3ql7d).  This is especially important as we read and write numbers that have 5 digits and more such 80 123 or 45 604.  It would be good to practice reading, writing and expanding these numbers at home.

A fun thing we did in class was watch a YouTube clip like this one:

Then randomly I would press pause and the number that was on the screen, students had to read and record the expanded notation for. Have ago at home…

You might also like to use some of these websites for further practice (especially if you are having trouble with Studyladder)

Our next unit is focusing on ADDITION Strategies.  You could practice up on your quick recall of basic number facts like 4 + 5, 9 + 9, etc.

🙂 Miss Morse

Homework March 21 – March 28

We have had a number of questions about Studyladder.  It would appear that through this site, there is now a limit of completing three tasks a day.  This means if Mrs Ciavarella is allocating more than three tasks in a week that you can complete, you can’t complete them all in one sitting.  There will be tasks set to complete this week.

Other homework expected this week, is five nights of reading.  Your nightly reading is to be recorded in your diary.  Parents please remember to sign the diary each week.

On the page facing the weekdays, there is a scripture (bible) story to read and then some activities to complete to help understand it.  Please make sure this week you are completing that page by Friday.

Can you please collect and bring to school some “Take away” menus (from local restaurants or maybe even from businesses that use a leaflet style brochure to promote the various services they offer)?  We will be using them as a mentor text in part of our Inquiry learning.

Hopefully students are also sharing with their parents, discoveries and interesting strategies we are exploring that can help them manage their physical, emotional and social wellbeing.  There has been lots of great discussion happening in class time…

Have a great week 🙂


Words that describe us

We asked parents to give us 5 words to describe their child.  Each list was typed into a word cloud ( and this is what was generated…

The bigger the word, the more often is was used.  It looks like 4MC is a grade of helpful, kind, thoughtful, caring and happy students!  How lucky are we…

Wurundjeri Inspired Art

On Friday, the Year Four level worked together to create our Totem pole for 2017.  Each student added a light ray to the totem representing that this year we aim to shine brightly together.  Whilst this was happening, we also discovered a little bit about the Wurundjeri tribe.  Last year the teachers went on a walk along the Yarra River and learnt a little bit more about the traditional land owners of this part of Australia.  Next time you are in the city, you may like to walk along Birrarung Marr and see the indigenous art installations for yourself.  Photos that I took on this day were the inspiration for some art of our own…



Being a digital citizen

This week we are focusing on learning the serious responsibility of being a digital citizen.  Today we explore what it means to leave a positive digital footprint and agreed on what we want to avoid.  Before being able to work on Chromebooks during learning time, it is important that we fully understand being a positive digital citizen.  This would be a great discussion to continue at home…

Welcome to 2017

Welcome to 2017.  It’s a new year… new grade level and a new bunch of switched on learners coming your way. I cannot wait to share with you all the new stuff that will be happening in our Grade Four classroom this year.

Here is your first look at the members of 4MC for 2017.  Their future’s so bright that they need to wear shades…

Thank you

We made it to the end of 2017 and to the end of year of learning in Grade Two.  Over the last week there have been so many kind words of appreciation and acknowledgement, spoken and written (and generous gifts).  All of them are treasured.  In an ever changing world, the work of teaching is changing too.  But what has stayed the same is the connections that you make in the 12 months you spend together.  This year there have been 27 families, 28 students and 2 teachers who have worked in partnership in 2MS!  It has been my honour to be one of those teachers.  I wish all the 2MS families a safe and happy Christmas holiday.  Rest, read, relax, have fun and be grateful.  I know that’s what I will be doing.  Merry Christmas & I look forward to seeing you around next year.

Love Miss Morse