Cultural Infusion Incursion

On Friday the 4th of November, a group of different cultural entertainers came to our school.  We went to a Bollywood workshop, there were Chinese fans, a Chinese acrobat, Japanese drummers and finally an African drumming concert.

Cultural Infusion Incursion on PhotoPeach


Culture Through the ARTS

After the Melbourne Cup long weekend we got to have a really fun few days.  On Wednesday and Thursday we went to each Grade One and Grade Two teacher’s classroom.  We got to participate in 6 different art activities.  These activities helped us to explore how culture is communicated through all different types or ARTS: music, dancing, art work, patterns, colours and performance.

Which was your favourite activity? What did you like about this way of learning?

Cultural Artifacts

We have been finding out about the different countries  we have connections with (because we know someone living there, someone in our family was born there or we have been there on a holiday).  Students have been  bringing in cultural artifacts from some of these countries to share.  These artifacts are helping us understand that culture is communicated through the ARTS…

I wonder who else has some cultural artifacts they could share with us?