Holiday Check Up

Getting plenty of rest and having time for relaxation are important strategies to help us stay healthy and to be switched on for learning. We have had a great first term and have earned a rest over the holidays.

However, there may be some students who will need some help filling their days. Some ideas could include:

* read to someone
* check out the Maths posts below for some worksheets & games to reinforce making numbers and addition
* do some of the activities on Studyladder
* write a recount about something fun you get to do (remember to think of interesting OPENERS and to use lots of CONNECTORS)
* practice your writing & typing by making a comment on a post – remember to use capital letters, PUNCTUATION and correct spelling

Here are a few more sheets that could be printed:
Oxford Wordlist



Adding Ten

part part whole blank copy

I look forward to some messages about what you have been doing on the holidays.

Inquiry Wonderings: Cleanliness & Germs

When deciding upon our top six choices we can make to improve our wellbeing and learning, 2MS had “wash your hands” at number six.  We know it is important to wash our hands but we then had lots of questions about germs and not getting sick.

Today we are going to research about this…

These clips might turn some of our wondersings into discoveries…

Inquiry wonderings: TEETH health

This week we have been FINDING OUT about teeth care.  Some of the wonderings we had included:

What ingredients go in tooth paste?  How can we stop out teeth from going yellow?  How can we look after our teeth?  What happens if we don’t brush our teeth?

As we read information texts on this topic, we learned how to take notes (recorded in key words) and Miss M modelled how to turn noted into your own summary.

We read information texts found on some websites.  We also viewed this YouTube Clip:

Kim (Oscar B in Grade 3’s mum) commented on an earlier post.  She shared a link to a very useful website (  On the website I found this great pamphlet:


Read this together as a family – it could be recorded in your Reading Journal.  Thanks Kim for helping us out.

What is the most important thing we discovered about looking after the health of our teeth?  Do we still have any TEETH CARE wonderings?

Class Photographer for the day #1

At the end of each week we discover who is our Dojo winner of the week.  This is very exciting and usually it is very close!  The winner (or winners) gets to select a reward from the Dojo Chart.  So far winners have chosen to lunch with the teacher out on the school deck, having a soft toy day, swapping their sit for the wobble chair, moving their desk, and a few others.  When Jack B was the winner, he selected to have the class camera for a day.  After a few technical difficulties, Jack got to take as many photos as he liked.  At the end of the day we watched his photos.  This is what we saw:

Looks like Jack might be a budding photographer 🙂

Building to TEN

Today we have discovered that there are 11 ten facts using addition (5 of them are reversed).  We have practised adding numbers to make ten and to build to the next ten.  For example we have practiced 3 + ? = 10 and if we had 32 how much would we need to get to 40?

We looked at this using a splat number chart.  Click here to try at home:

In Year Two, we should be able to know our ten facts automatically (no fingers).  Keep practicing and see if you can get faster:

2 min practice sheet

Adding Ten

Place Value on YouTube

Check out these YouTube clips to consolidate your understanding of PLACE VALUE…

Also if you type place value into the search box on this blog, you can see all the archived posts about how numbers work.  There are different ideas on each older post that might help you 🙂

Studyladder in 2015

Throughout the year, students will have the opportunity to practice skills we have focused on in class by completing activities on Studyladder.  Each child will get a username and password.  This may be a chance to talk at home about CYBERSAFETY and the importance of keeping passwords private.   Click on the image to be taken to the Studyladder website.