What can we learn about ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS from books?

We are beginning a writing unit focusing on the genre of DESCRIPTION.  In order to write descriptive texts we need to build our understanding of how to best use ADJECTIVES & ADVERBS.  Great authors do this really well.  Through reading we can build our bank of descriptive words.

This week we listened to Nick Bland’s “The VERY cranky bear”. ¬†This story has lots of descriptive language.

What adjectives and adverbs are in this story?

What are some other examples of ADVERBS (words that describe ‘HOW’ – the degree)?

Have you read another picture book that has lots of adjectives & adverbs in it?

(You could  re-read some picture books at home for your Reading Journal this week. As you do make a list of great descriptive words you spot.)

You may like to have another go at creating a character of your own and record a short description…

Create & Describe a character